Life, universe and everything

Yeah, so here we go again. My absence from the internet could best be explained by "I had to write a master thesis, but got way too restless and ended up doing other things and then again felt guilty for not writing it and stopped writing anything altogether". This includes stories and blogpost, neither has been a priority, both has been something I've wanted to do though.
In case you're wondering what I wrote about - read the earlier posts.
In case you're wondering how it went - I don't know yet, ask me in a month.

I actually wanted to write this more as a life update. For those of you that haven't got a clue of what's going on. Most of you that read this have though. So. Well. Lots of things.
The next five weeks I'm spending out here
On Askö. A tiny island south of Stockholm. Since I've finished my master thesis, you might think I'm done with my studies now. Well, sort of. I have 7,5 more credits I need to take before I get my degree, and I'm doing them as an internship at the university. Which at the moment means field work. And if you picture the stunning beaches of Zanzibar, relaxing in a little boat looking at colourful fish, you're wrong. And if you think that's what I did for my master's, you're a little bit less wrong, but still wrong. No, Askö is beautiful, it really is. It's 14 m/s winds, getting sunburned while feeling cold and trying in vain to make a functional cage out of plastic mesh and metal bars. I love it.

I won't spend forever here though. It's gonna be five great weeks and then back to Stockholm again. To get married. Which is probably even more awesome. Because Isaac is awesome. And God is awesome. Life's awesome.
If we're staying in Sweden? I don't know. No one knows but God alone. Which is really very true in this case since one of us will always be away from home, whereever we go. But we have a starting point for the first 6 months. That starting point is here
The same place we met, in Queensland, Australia. To do a Leadership Training Course. Why? Well, for me it's something that's very needed. I've been thrown into leadership roles quite a few times now. And I can't handle them. Not because I'm a bad leader, but because I'm not a good one. If that makes sense. But I would love to learn. I would love to be able to say "Yeah, I can take that on!" and not feel like I'm gonna implode 2 days later. Maybe I'll learn now.

We have tickets back to Sweden for Christmas. We'll most likely be on that plane home. Asking either of us for a life plan before then is quite pointless at the moment though. We're getting there. I'm superexcited about life in general. A bit scared. Extremely worried at times. Trying to figure out what the meaning of it all is. Remembering what it is. Smiling like crazy. Calculating if we have enough money to get to Townsville. Realising that we don't. Realising that we'll get there anyway. Realising God is trustworthy. Getting into stupid arguments. Writing stories in my head.
Yeah. We're getting there. One step at a time. But just so you know, that's the plan. Updates will hopefully follow more regularly.

Adventure is out there!

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