Redline Racer - Automatic Transmission

This post will be completly different from most of my other posts, because it won't really be about something relevant (not that all of the others are either), not about the ocean, travels or anything remotely similar. I just felt like telling you about a PC game from the 90's; Redline Racer.

Being together with Isaac, it's almost impossible to stay away from the topic of motorbikes for a longer period of time. And I know nothing about it. Absolutely nothing, zilch, nada. But while he was going on about the difference between four stroke and two stroke, the crazy spikes we Swedes have to put on our tyres to keep riding in winter and so on, I remembered something from when I was eleven.
My favourite game in 4th grade was Redline Racer, a game that came for free with dad's new computer. Me, dad and my brother spent many afternoons in front of the computer screen trying to win every single race. I can't say it's the most well-made game; the graphics aren't terrific, invisible walls keep appearing and you constantly get thrown off the bike when you ride over bumbs in the road. But I loved that game. I still remember my favourite bike; it was radiant blue, called Night Storm K10, had a top speed of 273 km/h and better handling than any other of the faster bikes. And my brother's favourite was a silver bike that I found absolutely terrible. But on the other hand, he primarly used it to make spectacular jumps off the cliffs off track. So, for that purpose, I guess it wasn't too bad.
In case you're wondering why I just wasted your time writing about a stupid game that isn't even realistic; no idea. Maybe I'm just sad that it takes so much more to please kids nowadays. I recently found the disc to that game again and it's such a strange feeling to open it. How memories seem to be stored in the back of our heads, when you thought they were gone forever. And I suddenly remember every single turn on that infernal snow track that my dad loved. How come I can't remember the most elementary maths problems in school, but the sound track to Redline Racer is still there? All the jokes about "Catch up (ketchup), you're in the last place!".
So far I haven't found many games that I was as good at as Redline Racer. But then on the other hand, I don't know how many other games I spent that much time on either. What I learned from it? Well, nothing about motorbikes at least. I still don't get a word that Isaac says.

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